This web site is about the choanoflagellates - a type of protist. About 250 species have been described. Sponges and the other animals evolved from choanoflagellates in pre-cambrian times. 'Choanos' occur all over the world in lakes, ponds, oceans and other aquatic habitats. They have a single undulating flagellum at the top of the cell. Its beating action draws water through the collar of fine stiff fingers that make up the collar. Bacteria carried with the flow of water can be trapped on the collar and then ingested, as illustrated by Saville Kent's drawing. The picture to the right is a fluorescence image provided by Monika Abedin in which tubulin shows green, actin is red, and DNA is blue.

The classification in this web site is provided mostly by Barry Leadbeater.

This web site is about choanoflagellates biodiversity. Like its sister site the choano wiki the choanoflagellate LifeDesk is maintained by the choanoflagellate research community.

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